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A College
"Where College Golf Planning Begins"
Golf Plan
How do we get our son/daughter noticed by college coaches?
How and when do we begin?
What are the NCAA rules?
What is a National Letter of Intent?  When do I use it?
How do I communicate my "amateur" status?
When can I talk with college coaches? Where?
How do we contact college coaches?
Do I need a golf resume? How do I put together a golf resume?
Do I need a cover letter? What information should be in my cover letter?
Do I need a golf swing video? How do I create a swing video?
Do I need to sign up on recruiting websites to get my information to college coaches?
How do I send my information to college coaches?
When do I send my information to college coaches?
What kind of grades do I have to have for college?
How do I choose a college?
How do I find college coach information?
How do I put together a college list?
What information should I have on my list?
When do I take standardized tests? Which tests do I take?
Where do I send my transcripts?
When do I visit colleges?
What are unofficial and official visits?
What are the best interview questions? What questions do coaches ask?
What is an "offer"?  What do I do when I receive an "offer"?
And so much more..........
A College Golf Plan is the key to realizing your dream of playing college golf. It is  
the only in-depth book specifically written for college golf recruiting. This book has all
the information you need right through to your first day of college.

A College Golf Plan provides you with a step-by-step, year by year, topic by
topic game plan, guiding you through every aspect of the complicated college
golf recruiting process.  
A College Golf Plan keeps you on track during your
high school years, to reach your dream of playing college golf.

A College Golf Plan significantly reduces your recruiting consulting costs
by helping you help yourself, instead of paying for costly websites and
recruiters. This book is a
must  have companion during the college golf
recruiting process.
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Are you traveling from tournament to tournament, wondering how
to turn your time and expense into your child's realized dream of
playing competitive college golf?  

But, you don't know where to begin, and you have more questions
than answers.........
We have the answers for you!
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The only in-depth book
specifically designed for
the junior golfer who
desires to play golf at the
collegiate level.  It
provides a fully informed,
step-by-step game plan
guiding you through every
aspect of the recruiting
process; year by  year,
topic by topic. It is a must
have companion for
understanding the unique
world of college golf