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At $75 per hour, you receive quality services at an extremely economical price.  
What's more, packages and consulting hours are flexible, and can include any
combination of services.

We have found that every client has different needs in their search for the perfect college,
but everyone needs to get started! We offer simple packages to jump start you
into a successful marketing campaign.  

Once you've begun, you can take it from there or we can work
with you as much or as little as you need.  It's all up to you.  
contact us to discuss your specific consulting needs.  

Initial Consultations are Free!
Consulting Packages:

The Eagle Package includes the ultimate combination of a prepared resume, cover letter,
and Email Blast  to as many men's or women's college coaches in the NCAA Division I, II, III and
NAIA as you would like.  

We have prepared a multitude of professional junior golfer resumes and cover letters and will make
you look as great on paper as you are in real life.  We know what coaches are looking for and we
know just how to present your information to make you shine!  We send your golf cover letter and
resume under your personalized email address which you have access to at all times (if you don't
have a usable email address, we can create one for you).  These are
your emails to college
coaches sent from
your email address.  Once sent, you are in the driver's seat to keep up with the
responses and interest from coaches, we just get you started.  With this complete package, you will
have the knowledge and tools to confidently attract coaches interest & realize your dream!
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We keep an up to date usable database of over 1,700 Men’s & Women’s
NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA and NJCAA golf coaches names, email addresses,
phone numbers, postal addresses, school status and more.

Email Blast  If you already have your cover letter and resume, the email blast package includes set
up of a personalized student email address, if needed, and a one time personalized email blast of
your cover letter and resume under your email address to as many men's or women's college
coaches in the NCAA Division I, II, III and NAIA as you request.*  
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                  The work is done, now let us help you!!  
*Resumes and cover letters must be in email ready sendable format.  If changes need to be made, charges will apply.
Any expenses on purchases or travel required to serve you will be billed to the client. All consulting services are accompanied by a
contract (signed by A College Golf Plan) clearly defining our services, expense explanations, overage amounts, your commitments,
and your time allotments; which must be approved and signed by you, the client.
Our consulting services do not end with these packages.  We can, and often do, provide junior
golfers with help researching
the myriad of college teams, direction on next steps, how to
proceed with coaches and when to send what type of information, even travel arrangements,
if need be.  We can be with you
from start to finish, beyond our starter packages.....we will
work with you to create a pricing package t
hat best works for your specific needs.

The only in-depth book
specifically designed for
the junior golfer who
desires to play golf at the
collegiate level.  It
provides a fully informed,
step-by-step game plan
guiding you through every
aspect of the recruiting
process; year by  year,
topic by topic. It is a must
have companion for
understanding the unique
world of college golf